AGM 2019

The next AGM will be held on 15 September 2019, at the Hayward Theatre, Kings School, Ely. The AGM will start at 5.00pm.

The AGM agenda will be:

  1. Minutes of 2018 AGM (see below)
  2. Treasurer’s report (click here for the accounts and here for the report)
  3. Chairman’s report (click here)
  4. Artistic Director’s report
  5. Publicity officer’s report
  6. Committee Workshop organiser’s report (click here)
  7. Friends Secretary report
  8. Election of officers
  9. Membership Subscriptions
  10. Friends Subscriptions

The minutes from the 2018 AGM can be found here.

Draft accounts 2018-2019

Independent examiner’s report of the accounts

Treasurer’s report for 2018-2019

Officer Reports

Friends of Ely Sinfonia – Report for AGM 2019

This year’s account of the Friends of Ely Sinfonia has little new to report from last year. As yet, not all former members have renewed their subscriptions (£15), but I would expect numbers to remain constant at around 45.

The ES concerts last season proved popular, and priority booking for the cathedral was a welcomed FES benefit, as was the ticket discount. It goes without saying that we are very grateful to the Friends for buying tickets. The strings workshop weekend in February was much appreciated not only by the players but also by those Friends as were able to make the closing concert which constituted their free recital. (See July newsletter for an account).

The Friends are a real asset to the orchestra. Their continued interest, support and loyalty is invaluable,. The same kind people as last year have provided us with the same kind help on concert days and at the January open workshop.  It would be wonderful if more Friends could also offer to help distribute some flyers in their locality, or buy some mugs or cards at the stall. (Over the summer, Toppings Bookshop sold some of the new letterpress ones, I am pleased to report.)

Lastly, my thanks are again due to Laura Millman for co-editing the newsletter and to her husband Rob for bailing me out many times, inevitably at short notice, with my computer problems.  Without their help, the Friends’ secretary would have had a nervous breakdown and given up the job years ago!

Workshop Organiser’s – Report for AGM 2019

The first weekend of January marked the annual Come and Play workshop where we welcome non members of the orchestra to join us to tackle a piece of the orchestral repertoire together for the day. This has been a successful format for the orchestra for a number of years (perhaps 15!) and this January was no different. We had a total of 106 players plus our Artistic Director Steve Bingham come together to play Mahler’s First Symphony – 53 strings; 22 Violins, 10 Violas, 15 Cellos, 4 Basses. 33 wind; 12 Clarinets, 11 Flutes, 5 Oboes, 5 Bassoons. 15 Brass; 9 Horns, 4 Trumpets, 2 Trombones. 2 Harps & Percussionists. 

We had a lot of fun with many participants express their thanks and report back how much they enjoyed the day. The orchestra will revisit Mahler 1 again in 2020 as part of our concert program on 2 May in Ely Cathedral. 

Looking ahead to 5 January 2020 our next Come and Play workshop will focus on Rachmaninov’s sumptuous 2nd Symphony. As usual orchestral members get first opportunity to register for the day, the fee for which is included in the annual membership subscription. For non members the day will continue to cost £20. Look out for the flyer on the workshop page of the website and let Dave know if you plan to attend.