Committee & other roles

Details of committee roles and other positions within Ely Sinfonia, with details of the current incumbents.

Ely Sinfonia is run by committee, with the support of orchestra members and Friends of Ely Sinfonia.

    • CHAIR
      Katy Baker
      Acts as the spokesperson for the orchestra, unless otherwise delegated to committee members.
      Chairs the committee meetings.
      Chairs the Annual General Meeting and any other comparable meetings.
      Signs minutes for committee meetings.


      Roz Chalmers
      Fulfils the role of the Chairperson for a temporary period of time, either through delegated authority or if the Chairperson is unable to fulfil the role.


      John Chalmers
      Management of the finances of the orchestra and prepare the accounts for external audit, annual submission to the Charities Commission and presentation to orchestra members at each Annual General Meeting.
      To raise to the Committee any potential financial risks or benefits associated with concerts or other activities related to running of the orchestra.
      Receipt and payment of approved invoices in a timely manner.
      Identification and payment of insurance premium annually.
      Review of PRS charges by any venue.
      Lead on funding or grant applications, as appropriate.


      Carol London
      Keeps detailed records of committee meetings and important documents throughout the year.
      Takes and writes minutes of committee meetings.
      Requests agenda items for committee meetings at least one week prior to next meeting.
      Distributes minutes and agenda for committee meetings at least one week prior to next meeting.
      Ensures that minutes are signed by the chairperson and hard copy kept on file.
      Preparation of AGM minutes and agenda, to be presented no later than 14 days before date of AGM


      Jenny Sewell (supported by Stella Page)
      Source, order and distribute music for each event.
      Ensure there are sufficient copies available.
      Ensure that all music is collated and returned following events.


      Richard Williamson
      Maintains a membership database and the membership email group.
      Requests payment of membership fees annually and monitor fees paid in close liaison with the Treasurer.
      In collaboration with the treasurer, updates membership database on receipt of membership fees.
      Reviews and updates membership database regularly, including removal of members who have left
      the orchestra.


      Currently vacant
      Maintains and, if possible, expands the membership of Friends of Ely Sinfonia (FES).
      Regular communication with the Friends, including for pre-release ticket sales.
      Ensure that an annual free event is held for the Friends, in collaboration with the committee.
      Agreement to the annual FES subscription amount.
      Maintenance, and if required update of promotional and logistical material for the FES scheme.
      Liaison with Concert Manager and Front of House before each concert to agree logistics for the FES stall.
      Steward the collation and development of the Ely Sinfonia Bi-Annual Newsletter for committee review.
      Steward the promotion of the newsletter, including in liaison with the website manager.


      Charlotte Dean
      Leads the collation and development of the Ely Sinfonia Bi-Annual Newsletter for committee review, in collaboration with the FES secretary.


      Patricia Mathieson
      Liaise with the Treasurer, Concert Manager and cathedral to agree pricing structure for each concert and complementary ticket allocation.
      Lead the development of promotional material for concerts, including liaison with external graphic designer and Ely Sinfonia committee.
      Develop / maintain the strategy for concert promotion, including social media, local press and liaison with the cathedral.
      Steward the promotion of concerts, with the support of the social media marketing manager and members of the orchestra.


      Charlotte Ewins
      Lead the promotion of concerts and other orchestral activities on the orchestral social media channels, working closely with the Publicity Manager.


      Roz Chalmers
      Oversee all arrangements before and after a concert, working closely with the Publicity Manager.
      Ensures that all appropriate logistics are organised / booked for the venue, including rehearsal venues.
      Agrees all pertinent dates with the committee and liaises with Website Manager to disseminate the information as appropriate.
      Stewards and communicates the on-the-day activities for the orchetra members, third party players/soloists, volunteers and venue managers in a timely manner.
      Liaises with the Assistant Concert Manager to agree delegated activities for each concert.
      Liaises with the Treasurer, Publicity Manager and Ticketing Officer to ensure that tickets are available and accessible for those wishing to purchase (including complementary tickets and pre-release sales).


      Rob Milman
      Supports the Concert Manager with delegated activities.


      Jonathan Skerrett
      Manages the distribution and sales of tickets, in close liaison with the Concert Manager, Treasurer and Publicity Manager.


      Currently vacant
      Leads the front of house on the day of concert, ensuring appropriate team members (including volunteers) to act as stewards and sell programme.
      Liaises closely with the Concert Manager.


      Steve Bingham
      Updates and maintains the ES website routinely, to reflect the upcoming programmes, rehearsal
      details, reviews and other publicity information.
      Collates photographs, videos and other material suitable for use on website.
      Uploads PDF versions of the FES newsletter.
      Technical maintenance of the website, including troubleshooting (e.g. broken links), and domain upkeep.


      Carol McEvoy (supported by Simon Watkin)
      Collaborates with the committee to agree the workshop programme, date, maximum numbers and fees.
      Oversee all arrangements leading up to the workshop day, working closely with the Treasurer, Artistic Director and Publicity Manager, including venue booking.
      Development of promotional material for the workshop.
      Communication with orchestra members and non-member applicants to ensure participants are booked, paid and understand logistics for the day.
      Support on the day, including delegation of specific tasks to volunteers, in close liaison with the Treasurer and Artistic Director.


      Steve Bingham
      Guides the orchestra artistically with the aim of improving and maintaining the standard of the orchestra.
      Conducts the orchestra (unless for concert where conducted by a third party).
      Proposes the yearly programmes.
      Review and agree fees with Treasurer and committee.
      Assists with recruiting extra players, both professional and amateur.