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This is the noticeboard page of the website, where players and friend of Ely Sinfonia can share information. The noticeboard does not represent the views of the charity, and any reference to services, instruments or anything else for sale is not associated with the work of the charity, nor does the charity receive any monies as a result.

Membership Renewals 2022-2023

Because of Covid, we decided to waive the membership fees for the past couple of years.  But there comes a time when things start to get back to normal and your support is now urgently needed.

Membership fees for the 2022-2023 year will be due shortly and can be paid in one of the following ways:

  • cheque (made payable to Ely Sinfonia) and posted to the Treasurer; or
  • bank transfer to sort code 40-20-38, account number 61215582 – please include “SUB” in the advice field and some identification if the name of the source account does not make this obvious.

Contact or 01638 742004 with any queries.

Address for cheques:

Ely Sinfonia, 19 Lower End,  Swaffham Prior, Cambridge CB25 0HT