AGM minutes 2021

Minutes of AGM of Ely Sinfonia held on 19th September 2021


1 Minutes of the 2020 AGM were agreed.

2 Treasurer’s Report

The report is included on the website, but the following additional point was made. The July 10th Concert of music by Beethoven, Wagner and Haydn was a benefit concert to the Cathedral and as such there was no income. The costs were £4000, but would have been higher if the staging had been used. The orchestra played at floor level.

3 Chairman’s Report is on the website.

4 Artistic Director’s Report

Since the Covid 19 restrictions have been eased, the Artistic Director said how good it was to see everyone again and hoped all players were enjoying the rehearsals. The Mahler and Dvorak concert will go ahead on April 30th 2022. The September 2022 Cathedral concert will include Nielsen’s Flute Concerto, Sibelius First Symphony and Rautavaara Cantus Arcticus. A suggestion was to have a display of artwork depicting birds, perhaps involving Welney Nature Reserve. A project to make a high-quality recording of Beethoven’s First Symphony rather than hold a Workshop was outlined.

5 Publicity Report is included on the website.

It is important to distribute as many flyers and posters as possible before concerts, and also use social media for publicity, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

6 Workshop Report.

It has not been possible to hold the Workshop owing to Covid 19 restrictions. However, the Beethoven Recording could be held in lieu of the Workshop.

7 Friends Report

The report is included on the website, and thanks were expressed to those who have helped provide articles and newsletters over the years.

8 Election of Officers

All Officers were re-elected, Richard and Yvonne Williamson were welcomed on to the Committee.

Chair                         Roz Chalmers

Vice Chair                 Katy Baker

Artistic Director      Steve Bingham

Treasurer                  John Chalmers

Minutes Secretary   Carol London

Publicity                    Patricia Mathieson

Workshop                 Dave McLeish

Library                       Jenny Sewell

Safeguarding        Jean Swift

Friends                  Charlotte Dean

Committee Members        Richard Williamson, Yvonne Williamson


9 Membership Subscriptions

It was proposed, seconded and agreed the 2021-2022 fee should be £60.


10 Friends Subscriptions

The fees have been waived since no events took place owing to Covid 19 restrictions, and any monies received would be classed as donations.

11 AOB

Jenny Sewell and Jean Swift were proposed and seconded after a vote to become Trustees of Ely Sinfonia.

Thanks were expressed to Patricia Mathieson and Hilary Sellers for providing refreshments at rehearsals.